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  • Book Coaching

  • Developmental Editing (my favorite!)

  • Line Editing: addresses style and tone, rhythm and pace, transitions, organization, overall cohesiveness, clarity of ideas, wordiness, diction, and syntax 

  • Copyediting: grammar, punctuation, spelling, inconsistencies, clear and consistent use of language, fact-checking, adherence to style guides or creation of style sheets.  This service does not address style, tone, flow, organization, diction, etc.  

  • Proofreading: quality assurance of an already completed copyedit, looking for blatant errors or formatting inconsistencies.  This is generally the final step and does not provide the same level of detail as a standard copyedit.

  • ​​Book Coaching and Editorial ProjectsFor full manuscript editing (developmental, line, copy, proof), hourly project rates apply instead of per word rates.

  • Ad Hoc Work: rates are per word, based on which level of service is provided.  Quotes take length and complexity of document into account.

  • If multiple levels of editing are desired (for example, both developmental and line editing), per word rates are all-in and slightly discounted.

  • In the event of multiple edits (i.e., requiring multiple pass-throughs), rates apply for each full edit.

  • For last minute requests, rush fees apply.

  • Please note that sample or trial editing a potential client's manuscript or excerpt prior to a service contract is not available.

Email me a description of your project, a short excerpt (if available), and your desired level of service for the most accurate quotes.


  • Website and Social Media Content

  • Journals, Blogs, Newsletters, and Articles

  • Bios and Interviews

  • Flap/Jacket Copy

  • Reviews

  • Ghost Writing

~ Rates are based on whether the requested service is for an ad hoc piece (per word) or ongoing service (such as regular weekly or monthly content). 

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Types of Projects:

Indie Films 

No-Budget and Micro-Budget

Features and Shorts


Limited Series

Music Videos


Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Suspense, Thrillers, Crime

Eclectic, Quirky, Arthouse, Alternative


  • Producer- Logistics, Schedules, Procurement, Finances and P&L, Licenses, Insurance, Communication, etc.

  • Screenplay Writer/Editor

  • Script and/or Continuity Supervisor

  • Line Producer

  • Location Scouting and Blocking

  • Costumes and Props

  • DIT

~ Rates are based on requested scope of services ~

Light and Shadow
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